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Experience Domain Analysis


While many software development organizations have developed large repositories of capabilities and experience of different types (e.g. code components, standards, lessons learned, techniques and tools, data, and models), the reuse of these assets is not always successful. At least part of the problem is that we have no guidance for deciding when a particular experience, developed or gained in one environment, is appropriate for use in another.


To establish procedures for identifying and characterizing software domains within and across organizations so that opportunities for successful reuse of experiences (in the form of standards, processes, quality or productivity models, data, etc.) may be identified.


domain analysis, reuse, experience, technology transfer


Vic Basili, Carolyn Seaman, Marv Zelkowitz


V. Basili , L. Briand , and W. Thomas. Domain Analysis for the Reuse of Software Development Experiences. In Proc. of the 19th Annual Software Engineering Workshop, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD, December, 1994.

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