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Combining and Analyzing Distributed Data: WebME(2)


Our approach is to develop a data visualization tool (WebME) that is flexible and makes use of collected measurement data. The tool will utilize the availability and popularity of the World Wide Web and extend the capabilities of an existing measurement system (SME) that currently runs on a simple system. We plan to make the WebME system more flexible than SME by including the following:

  • a WWW user interface
  • distributed capabilities
  • extensible data types
  • extensible modeling techniques
  • data from multiple domains
  • Validation Strategy

    The first step in validation will be the implementation of the design for the WebME system. As the system is implemented, we plan to test it with various data sets.

    We believe the WebME system will be powerful enough to use with measurement data from multiple application domains (especially time series analysis data). In addition to data from the software engineering domain, we plan to test the system with various data sets, such as data from clinical trials or other experimental data.

    Project Status

    Active - WebME in development


  • WebME Prototype: demonstrates the WWW user interface of the system. The prototype is currently under active development. New features will be added as they become available. Currently, access to the prototype is restricted.
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