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The TimeWare Project

The TimeWare Project is devoted to building tools for the design and implementation of concurrent, real-time systems. Within the project, we are currently carrying out research in systems design, static analysis, programming languages, scheduling technologies, multimedia systems, and other related areas.

Sponsors: Office of Naval Research, National Science Foundatation.

Current Areas of Research:

Specification and Automated Analysis
End-To-End Design of Real-Time Systems
Multimedia Systems
Programming Languages and Compilers
Real-Time Scheduling


Dr. Richard Gerber

Graduate Students:

Tevfik Bultan
Ladan Gharai
Dong-In Kang

Recent Alumni:

Dr. Jeffrey Fischer, Rational Software Corporation
Dr. Seongsoo Hong, School of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea.
Dr. Manas Saksena, Assistant Professor, Concordia University.

Selected Publications:


Pointers to related information:

IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems
19th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, December 1998
ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Languages, Compiler and Tools for Real-Time Systems
Real-Time Systems at the University of Maryland

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