Fall '95


  • 05 Dietmar Seipel
    University of Tuebingen, Germany
    `` Minimal Model Reasoning and its Efficient Implementation''
  • 12 Jon Doyle
    MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
    `` Goals, Preferences and Ceteris Paribus Comparatives''
  • 19 Yidong Shen
    Dept. of Computer Science, Chongqing University, P.R. China
    `` Disjunctive Logic and Semantics of Disjunctive Databases and Logic Programs''
  • 26 Don Perlis
    Dept. of Computer Science UMCP
    `` Sources of Inconsistency in Commonsense Reasoning''


  • 10 Part I of a Discussion Series
    `` The AGM approach to Non-monotonic Reasoning and Belief Revision''
  • 17 Jarek Gryz
    Dept. of Computer Science UMCP
    `` Semantic Query Optimization for Bottom-Up Evaluation''
  • 24 Richmond H. Thomason
    University of Pittsburgh
    `` Intended Interpretation in Cooperative Discourse ''


  • 14 Michael Morreau
    Dept. of Philosophy, UMCP
    `` Belief Revision. Part I ''
  • 21 Vladimir Lifschitz
    Univ. of Texas at Austin
    `` What is Prolog? ''
  • 28 Michael Morreau
    Dept. of Philosophy, UMCP
    `` Belief Revision. Part II ''


  • 05 Russell Greiner
    Siemens Corporate Research
    `` Learning Good Search Strategies''
  • 12 Ralph Semmel
    The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
    `` Intelligent Query Processing over Complex Databases''

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