Next Generation Robotics at the MAGIC Lab [Multi-modal Adventures for Group Interaction and Collaboration]

Researchers at the MAGIC lab are developing new technology to support multi-modal and physical immersive environments for storytelling and education. These are two of our recent projects.

PETS. Recently, we have begun research into new ways of designing constructive robots and new perspectives of the roles of robotics in education and in entertainment. In particular, we and our collaborators (elementary school aged children, artists, computer scientists, educators, and engineers) have created a robotic story telling environment called PETS (A Personal Electronic Teller Of Stories), in which children write stories, construct robotic animals, design emotions, and direct the robots to become actors in their narratives.

The design team

A description of the design process and an earlier sketch of PETS.

Pictures say so much more...


STORY ROOMS. This past summer, we began work on a new way of telling stories: Storykits for building room adventures.

What is a Story Room?

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