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Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences
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CNACS Spring Seminar Series

(All talks are held in Room 1208, Zoo-Psych Building at Noon.)

Friday, January 20:
Dr. Rudolfo Llinas, New York University Medical Center
Neuronal oscillation and timing in motor execution
Host: Dr. Avis Cohen

Friday, February 3:
Dr. John Donoghue, Brown University
Motor Cortex as a distributed, adaptive network
Host: Dr. James Reggia

Friday, February 17:
Dr. Amy Weinberg, University of Maryland
Human Language Processing: Evidence from impossible sentences

Friday, March 17:
Dr. Sheryl Coombs, Parmly Hearing Institute, Loyola University of Chicago
Neorobiology of lateral line systems: Anatomy, physiology, and behavior
Host: Dr. Arthur Popper

Friday, March 31:
Dr. William Yost, Parmly Hearing Institute, Loyola University of Chicago
Processing of Complex Sound: It might all be in the timing
Host. Dr. Sandra Gordon-Salant

Friday, April 7:
Dr. Ronald Hoy, Section of Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University
Fatal Attractions: the evolution of hearing in a parasitoid fly
Host: Dr. Dave Yager

Friday, April 21:
Dr. Paul Smolensky, Dept. of Cognitive Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
Grounding Universal Grammar in Neural Computation
Host: Dr. Amy Weinberg

Friday, April 28:
Dr. John Rosowski, Harvard Medical School and Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology
The structure and function of middle-ear air cavities of several fields
Host: Dr. Arthur Popper

Friday, May 5:
Dr. Michael Arbib, University of Southern California
Adaptive Strategies in Visuomotor Coordination: A Computational Analysis of Cerebellum and the Basal Ganglia
Host: Dr. Yiannis Aloimonos

Talks on 3/17, 3/31, 4/7, 4/28 sponsored in part by the Comparative and Evolutionary Biology of Hearing Training Program. Supporters for CNACS Seminar Series: Dept. of Zoology, Dept. of Psychology, College of Life Sciences, College of Arts and Humanities, College of Health and Human Performance, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, UMIACS, Center for Automation Research.

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