Frequently Asked Questions

Why do CVM processes consume 40 megabytes of swap?

CVM allocates internal resources only as needed. However, this would not work for virtual space, as a re-allocation might change the address. Hence, all shared space is pre-allocated. This has no effect, other than using up swap space.

Are AIX MPI apps run in the same way that the non-MPI are?

Not quite, but close. AIX's MPI is run on top of POE, so you use poe commands. Once your environmental variables are set up correctly (and the .hostfile, instead of .cvmrc), you can run sor w/ four procs as:

sor -procs 4 -- -s

instead of

sor -- -n4 -s

The command line is executed from the first machine in the .cvmrc for the UDP version, but whether the MPI version is executed from the first line in the .hostfile or from a gateway machine depends on the way your machines are set up. Ask your staff about POE.

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