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25 years of technical reports online
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Catherine Plaisant elected to "CHI Academy"

Catherine Plaisant was elected to the CHI Academy, SIGCHI's recognition. She will be inducted into the Academy in May at CHI2015. The CHI Academy is an honorary group of individuals who have made substantial contributions to the field of human-computer interaction. These are the principal leaders of the field, whose efforts have shaped the disciplines and/or industry, and led the research and/or innovation in human-computer interaction.

Allison Druin named 2014 ACM Distinguished Scientist

Allison Druin was named a 2014 ACM Distinguished Scientist for making "a significant impact in the field of computing, computer science, and/or information technology."

Ben Shneiderman's TreeMap Exhibit Featured in The Diamondback

Ben Shneiderman's TreeMap exhibit Every AlgoRiThm Has ART in It, which opened on October 16th at the National Academy of Sciences' Keck Center was featured in The Diamondback article, "Viewing the world from a new plane."

Ben Shneiderman's Treemap Art Project displayed at National Academy of Sciences

The opening reception and panel discussion for the Treemap Art Project at the National Academy of Sciences in DC will take place on October 16, 2014 in Washington, DC. The exhibit "Every AlgoRiThm Has ART in it" includes a 20-page catalog.

Leyla Norooz's work on BodyVis featured in Terp Magazine

Leyla Norooz's work on BodyVis at the HCIL Hackerspace is described in the Terp Magazine article, "A Hackerspace, from A to Tee."

Jon Froehlich's HCIL Hackerspace featured in Terp Magazine

The HCIL Hackerspace, started and run by Jon Froehlich, was featured in Terp Magazine. The article includes many pictures of the space and the work done there.

Allison Druin, Mona Leigh Guha, and Beth Foss featured in Studying and Designing Technology for Domestic Life

Allison Druin, Mona Leigh Guha, and Beth Foss co-authored a chapter, entitled "Wear Nice Socks: Guidance for Researchers Conducting In-Home Studies with Children," published in Studying and Designing Technology for Domestic Life: Lessons from Home.

Jen Golbeck interviewed for Fortune Article

Jen Golbeck's social media research described in Fortune article, "CONTAGION-From Justin Bieber to data scientists, how Twitter got hot in the academy."

Jon Froehlich and Tamara Clegg awarded NSF grant

Jon Froehlich (PI) and Tamara Clegg (co-PI) awarded $550,000 NSF Cyberlearning EXP grant for "BodyVis: Advancing New Science Learning and Inquiry Experiences via Custom Designed Wearable On-Body Sensing and Visualization."

Tamara Clegg, June Ahn, and Jason Yip awarded NSF grant

Tamara Clegg (PI), June Ahn (co-PI), and Jason Yip (co-PI) were awarded $1.3M NSF Cyberlearning DIP grant for "ScienceKit for Science Everywhere: A Seamless Scientizing Ecosystem for Raising Scientifically Minded Children."

Kotaro Hara receives IBM Ph.D. fellowship

Kotaro Hara receives IBM Ph.D. fellowship 2014-2015 for his work in HCI, using crowd-sourcing to solve accessibility issues. IBM Ph.D. Fellowships honor exceptional students worldwide who "have an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM and fundamental to innovation."

Who We Are

The HCIL has a long, rich history of transforming the experience people have with new technologies. From understanding user needs, to developing and evaluating those technologies, the lab's faculty, staff, and students have been leading the way in HCI research and teaching. read more about the HCIL and it’s mission>

Celebrating 30 Years of Contributions to HCI

To celebrate the HCIL's 30 years of contributions to the field of HCI, the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS) made a video, and ACM Interactions published a series of articles about the HCIL's history and work.

New Interim Director of HCIL

Mona Leigh Guha will be the Interim Director for the Human-Computer Interaction Lab during the 2014-2015 academic year while Jennifer Golbeck is on sabbatical. Mona Leigh has been with the lab for 12 years as a graduate student and later faculty member. We are excited for the leadership, enthusiasm and energy she brings to the lab.


Industrial Visitors

Interested in an extended stay at the HCIL? Industrial visitors can spend six months or more learning about HCI working with us on active projects - such as recent visitors from Toyota, Toshiba and Hitachi.
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