HCIL EOSDIS Java Prototypes

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HCIL has developed a prototype EOSDIS user interface in java, Sun's internet programming language. This interface is divided into two parts, Query Preview and Query Refinement. See this slide show for a discussion on some of the issues behind the design. The presentation of the tcl/tk prototype screens provides a walkthrough the interface.

The Query Preview provides a coarse look at a database. Datasets are selected by clicking on bars with numbers, either on the map or with the attributes and years. Selecting bars selects those datasets. Selections within a bar group are "ORed"; selections between bar groups are "ANDed". The total number of selected datasets appears at the bottom. When final selections are made, pressing the submit button at the bottom brings up the Query Refinement interface. The interface has a fixed threshold for dataset selection. When too many datasets are selected, the bar appears red and the submit button is deactivated.

The Query Refinement provides a more detailed look at those datasets selected in the Query Refinement. The design is not fully implemented. The interface features a starfield displaying intervals, lists of attributes, a map, and a table. The table is not implemented. The map only displays the spatial extent of datasets, and cannot be used for filtering. The interval-field zooms and pans, but does not filter. Click on an interval to highlight its attributes and spatial extent. Click on attribute values to filter intervals.


Known Problems/Open Issues

  • Query Preview
  • Query Refinement

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