Please use the FULLSCREEN option of your browser.

Double click on lines or events to display Details/Images here
(not ALL events have details in demo, but try sonogram, Xray, EKG)

To zoom in:
- Use the zoom-bar at the bottom - or Click on background

To zoom-out:
- RightButtonClick on background

To focus the display on a line/episode:
- ShiftClick on the line
(e.g. try shift click on the flu-pneumonia episode, or the Batramex drug)

To bring page with details:
- DoubleClick on event (not ALL events have details in demo)

The control panel gives many options. Try the summary option and watch what happens to the flu-pneumonia as you zoom in and out.


This imaginary data shows in the early years information gleaned during patient interview [appears gray because "undocumented"], and in the later years summaries of the data actually contained in the record.

In this example color and size is not use consistenly but meant to show possible use of the display attributes.

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