Pad++: Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs)

NOTE: UMD is no longer developing or supporting Pad++.   Our last released version of Pad++ (v.0.9) is quite stable and will remain available at this site.

We are still actively exploring ZUIs, but are focusing on a new Java-based toolkit called Piccolo which now available

Pad++ Zoomable Interface We are exploring Zooming User Interfaces (ZUIs) where zooming is a fundamental part of the user's interaction with the computer (also known as multiscale interfaces).
in collaboration with UCSD, NYU, and UNM

You can find out about Pad++ through

Sony licenses Pad++!

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Check out Ben Shneiderman's use of Pad++ in his plenary talk at CHI98.

Pad++ is supported in part by DARPA grant #N660011-94-C-6039.

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