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Feature Set

Treemap started to have so many features that it might be too complex for different users. Especially beginners may have a hard time to find where to start. Treemap now allows you to exclude some features. The whole concept is called the feature set (the set of all features you can exclude or include.)

By default, all features are included in Treemap. These features consist of:

You can create your own feature set, edit and save an existing one, simply apply an existing feature set, and delete an existing feature set. After you go to Options menu and select Select UI Feature Set, the "Select Feature Set" dialog box will appear which shows the available feature sets as a list of items (their names).

To edit an existing feature set, press Edit button, select or deselect the features you want from the dialog that appears and then "Save" them by pressing Save in the "Treemap Features" dialog box.

To view what features are available in a feature set, you can simply press Edit and later Cancel in "Treemap Features" dialog box.

To create a new feature set, press New. All features will be selected in the dialog that appears. You can simply deselect the features you don't want and then save it by pressing Save button.

To delete a feature set, select the feature set you want to delete from the list displayed in the dialog box, and then press Delete.

To apply a feature set, select the feature set you want to apply from the list displayed in the dialog box, and then press Apply.

The feature sets are kept as files in the system under features/ directory. Although we strongly discourage you doing that, if you are an expert user, and delete those files (or add new ones) without using Treemap, you may want to press Refresh button to update the list of available feature sets. Treemap is robust in that if a feature set becomes unavailable, and you select it from the list to do something with it (Apply, Edit) the list will be automatically refreshed, so you will see that the feature set you selected will disappear because it doesn't exist any more.


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