Treemap 4.1 Online Documentation


Table of Video Demonstration

Title Video Documentation  Example Data
Reading a Treemap  Introduction (1 min, 800KB)  Basketball statistics
Create a Treemap  Create Treemap (40 seconds, 580KB)  Basketball statistics
Choose a layout algorithm  Choose layout algorithm (17 seconds, 220KB)  Basketball statistics
Color, size and label attribute  Color, size and label attribute (24 seconds, 260KB)  Basketball statistics
Color binning  Color Binning (1 min 3seconds, 820KB)  Basketball statistics
Save the settings  Save settings (15 seconds, 140KB)  Basketball statistics
Filtering  Filtering (53 seconds, 630KB)  Basketball statistics
Filter by depth aggregation  Aggregation (28 seconds, 230KB)  Basketball statistics
Mapping file directories  Mapping a file directory (43 seconds, 500KB)  Directory hierarchy
Zooming  Zooming (11 seconds, 180KB)  Directory hierarchy
Adjust borders and font size  Adjust borders and fonts (18 seconds, 200KB)  Directory hierarchy
Dealing with an imposed hierarchy  Dealing with an imposed hierarchy (50 seconds, 740KB)  43 Causes of death
Flexible hierarchy  More examples of flexible hierarchy (1 min 15seconds, 760KB)  Projects of a company



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