Sparse Cholesky Factorization


This application computes Cholesky decomposition for sparse, symmetric positive-definite matrices [1]. It stores the sparse matrix as panels. This application performs I/O using synchronous read()/write() operations.

Input Dataset

To drive this application, we used the skirt matrix from NASA that contains over 45 million double-precision nonzeros and 45,361 columns for a total of 437 MB. The dataset was stored in 8 files, one per processor.


See above.


You can download the trace files in the following formats:

Source Code


[1] A. Acharya, M. Uysal, A. Sussman, J. Saltz, J. Hollingsworth, M. Beynon, A. Mendelson, and R. Bennett. Tuning the Performance of I/O-Intensive Parallel Applications . Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Workshop on I/O in Parallel and Distributed Systems, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 27, 1996.

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