Titan is a parallel scientific database for remote-sensing data [1]. In addition to retrieving data, Titan performs navigation, correction and composition to generate a land-cover image of the region of interest. The region of interest is specified by temporal and geographical (latitude-longitude) ranges. This application performs I/O using the asynchronous lio_listio() operations. It throttles the number of requests to keep the number of outstanding I/O requests under a user-specified limit.

Input Dataset

Titan contains two months of data from the NOAA-7 satellite. The total database size is 30 GB which spans 60 data-files.


To drive this application, we used three queries which span a 30-day period over the entire globe, North America and Asia respectively [1].


You can download the trace files in the following formats:


[1] Chialin Chang, Bongki Moon, Anurag Acharya, Carter Shock, Alan Sussman and Joel Saltz. Titan: a High Performance Remote-sensing Database. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Data Engineering, April 1997.

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