An invitation to attend the

PIs' Workshop on Performance Engineered Systems

August 19-21, 1998

Annapolis, Maryland, USA






While Frederica Darema was at DARPA she started funding several projects as a result of the BAA (BAA97-12) she issued last year aimed at developing methods and tools for performance engineering computing systems. The vision is to develop technology for performance modeling frameworks that enable analyzing and predicting behavior at all levels of the system - from the application, to the system software, to the underlying architecture and architecture components; analyzing the behavior of the entire system, or the behavior at each level as affected by behavior/features of components at other levels. An important aspect of the methodology is to develop methods to describe each layer and component, at multiple levels of detail, and have the ability to use the detail level required by the particular analysis objective - ability to mix and match of such tools that can be plugged into the performance framework. The projects started about a year ago and they have already made a good progress. So she thought it would be good to have a workshop where the PIs will discuss their work. The projects have been chosen so that the work done by each group is somewhat complementary to the work of the other groups, and this workshop will provide the opportunity to take a first look at how well all the efforts co-ordinate, complement and fit together. Her and the PIs hope that this work would be of interest to industry, and we would like to have some industry representatives to attend the workshop, to keep industry informed about these efforts and in addition we hope that industry representatives will provide some useful feedback to the projects.

We invite you to participate in this workshop to be held in Annapolis, Maryland. PIs from the groups funded under this DARPA initiative, led by representatives from the U. of Illinois, U. of Texas, U. of Maryland, U. of California, San Diego and the U. of Warwick, will present their work. We also plan to have panels and discussion sessions including both industrial and government representatives.