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Alan Sussman, Ph.D.
Il-Chul Yoon, M.S.
Norman Lo, M.S.

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  • Many High-Performance Computing Applications (HPCA) need to be launched on multiple resources. One of the common scenarios to launch these application, is allocating a set of computing resources via resource schedular such as PBS. Otherwise, the applications might run on a set of resources that a user specifies explicitly. The most complex situation is when the applications need to be launched on multiple resources, which is physically distributed.

    High-Performance Computing Application Launching Environment (HPCALE) is a convenient environment to handle this repetitive and burdensome work. Specifically, it provides users with following functionalities based on the high-level job description written by users.

  • Refine high-level job description specified by user
  • Allocate multiple resources
  • Prepare proper runtime environment for the applications
  • Launch applications on specified resources
  • Collect generated output files into client side
  • Help resource administrators to manage resource and application information
  • Help user to create customized job description semi-automatically
  • XML Job Description(XJD) is used as the high-level job description, which is also used by InterComm. XJD describes the applications a user wants to run for a (coupled) job, the resource for the applications and the connections between the applications if necessary. To generate an XJD, client may rely on the XJD Helpter Web interface, which is a part of HPCALE distribution. Otherwise, the user may manually write his own version of XJD. In either case, HPCALE will accept the description if it is a valid XJD, and HPCALE refines it if necessary.

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