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  • Parallelizing Molecular Dynamics Programs for Distributed Memory Machines: An Application of the CHAOS Runtime Support Library
    University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science and UMIACS Technical Reports CS-TR-3374, UMIACS-TR-94-125

    Yuan-Shin Hwang, Raja Das, Joel Saltz, Bernard Brooks, Milan Hodoscek.

    CHARMM (Chemistry at Harvard Macromolecular Mechanics) is a program that is widely used to model and simulate macromolecular systems. CHARMM has been parallelized by using the CHAOS runtime support library on distributed memory architechtures. This implementation distributes both data and computations over processors. This data-parallel strategy should make it possible to simulate very large molecules on large numbers of processors.

    In order to minimize communication among processors and to balance computational load, a variety of partitioning approaches are employed to distribute the atoms and computations over processors. In this implementation, atoms are partitioned based on geometrical positions and computational load by using unweighted or weighted recursive coordinate bisection. The experimental results reveal that taking computational load into account is essential. The performance of two iteration partitioning algorithms, atom decompositions and force decomposition, is also compared. A new irregular force decompositional algorithm is introduced and implemented.

    The CHAOS library is designed to facilitate parallelization of irregular applications. This library (1) couples partitioners to the application programs, (2) remaps data and partitions work among processors, and (3) optimizes interprocessor communications. This paper presents and application of CHAOS that can be used to support efficient execution of irregular problems on distributed memory machines.