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  • Compiler Analysis for Irregular Problems in {Fortran-D}
    Proceedings of 5th Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing

    R. v. Hanxleden, K. Kennedy, C. Koelbel, R. Das, J. Saltz.

    We developed a dataflow framework which provides a basis for a rigorously defining strategies to make use of runtime preprocessing methods for distributed memory multiprocessors.

    In many programs, several loops access the same of f-processor memory locations. Our runtime support gives as a mechanism for trac king and reusing copies of off-processor data. A key aspect of our compiler analysis strategy is to determine when it is safe to reuse copies of off-process or data. Another crucial function of the compiler analysis is to identify situatio ns which allow runtime preprocessing overheads to be amortized. This dataflow aanalysis will make it possible to effectively use the results of interprocedural analysis in our efforts to reduce interprocessor communication and the need for runtime preprocessing.