Listing of all papers published by D. Mavriplis

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  • {PARTI} Primitives for Unstructured and Block Structured Problems
    Published in Computing Systems in Engineering vol. 3 num. 4 pg: 73-86

    A. Sussman, J. Saltz, R. Das, S. Gupta, D. Mavriplis, R. Ponnusamy.

    This paper describes a set of primitives (PARTI) developed to efficiently execute unstructured and block structured problems on distributed memory parallel machines. We present experimental data from a 3-D unstructured Euler solver run on the Intel Touchstone Delta to demonstrate the usefulness of out methods.

  • The Dybbuk Runtime System
    Published in Proceedings Supercomputing '93 pg: 361-370

    R. Ponnusamy, R. Das, J. Saltz, D. Mavriplis, Alok Choudhary.

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  • The Design and Implementation of a Parallel Unstructured {E}uler Solver
    Published in AIAA Journal vol. 32 pg: 489-496

    R. Das, D. J. Mavriplis, J. Saltz, S. Gupta, R. Ponnusamy.

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