Maruti 3.1 Release Announcement

Systems Design and Analysis Group
Computer Science Department
University of Maryland at College Park

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Maruti 3.1 Hard Real-Time Operating System and Development Environment.

Maruti is a time-based operating system research project at the University of Maryland. For the past several years we have implemented prototypes of time-based systems as vehicles for further research in development and scheduling of hard real-time systems. In addition to our in-house investigations, Maruti has been used successfully by several research partners.

Now, with Maruti 3.1, we are entering a new phase of our project. We have an operating system suitable for field use by a wider range of users, and we are embarking on the integration of our time-based, hard real-time technology with industry standards and more traditional event-based soft- and non-real-time systems. For this, we are greatly interested in the feedback from users as to the direction of evolution of the system.

For the Maruti 3 project, we will be pursuing the integration of a POSIX interface for soft and non-real-time applications, the use of Ada for Maruti programming, support for asynchronous events and soft/non-real time schedulers within the time-based framework, and heterogeneous Maruti networks.

For this user-oriented phase of the project we will be making regular releases of our software available to allow interested parties to track and influence our development. To begin this phase we are making our current base hard real-time operating system and its development environment available. This is an initial test release.

Runtime System

The Maruti 3.1 embeddable hard real-time runtime system for distributed and single-node systems includes the following features:

Development Environment

Maruti 3.1 includes a complete development environment for distributed embedded hard real-time applications. The development environment runs on NetBSD Unix and includes the following:

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Last modified: July 5, 1995.

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