Omega Project Source Release, version 1.00

Believe it or not, we are finally releasing version 1.0 of the Omega Project software, including:


We are working on building a set of executables. We current have the following versions available:

New Features


Documentation available includes:

The Omega library/calculator manipulates sets of integer tuples and relations between integer tuples. Some examples include:

{ [i,j] : 1 <= i,j <= 10};
{ [i] ->[i,j] : 1 <= i < j <= 10};
{ [i,j] ->[j,j'] : 1 <= i < j < j' <= n};

The conditions describing a set or tuple can be an formulas can described by an arbitrary Presburger formula. Relations and sets can be combined using functions such as composition, intersection, union and difference. It also provides routines to generate code to iterate over the points in an integer tuple set. The Omega library provides a high-level, C++ interface to our routines. The Omega calculator is a text-based interface to the Omega library.

The implementation of the Omega Calculator have been done by a number of people at the University of Maryland:

Wayne Kelly, Vadim Maslov, William Pugh, Evan Rosser, Tatiana Shpeisman, Dave Wonnacott

As usual, the Omega Project is located at

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