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The high level purpose of the P2P research group is to provide a report to the IRTF as to what, if anything, should be standardized with respect to P2P network protocols. It was clear that before any opinion could formed, a comprehensive review of existing literature was needed. This Bibliography project is a first step in that process. BibTeX files are inherently useful for this task as researchers have already done all the work of selecting and annotating relevant papers. We have simply provided software to parse the BibTeX files into a single set of HTML pages.

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AUTHOR="Floyd, Sally and Jacobson, Van and Liu, Ching-Gung and McCanne, Steven and Zhang, Lixia",
TITLE="Reliable Multicast Framework for Light-weight Sessions and Application Level Framing",
BOOKTITLE="Proceedings of SIGCOMM",
ADDRESS="Cambridge, Massachusetts",
ABSTRACT="This paper describes SRM (Scalable Reliable Multicast), a
reliable multicast framework for application level framing and
light-weight sessions. The algorithms of this framework are
efficient, robust, and scale well to both very large networks and very
large sessions. The framework has been prototyped in wb, a
distributed whiteboard application, and has been extensively tested on
a global scale with sessions ranging from a few to more than 1000
participants. The paper describes the principles that have guided our
design, including the IP multicast group delivery model, an
end-to-end, receiver-based model of reliability, and the application
level framing protocol model. As with unicast communications, the
performance of a reliable multicast delivery algorithm depends on the
underlying topology and operational environment. We investigate that
dependence via analysis and simulation, and demonstrate an adaptive
algorithm that uses the results of previous loss recovery events to
adapt the control parameters used for future loss recovery. With the
adaptive algorithm, our reliable multicast delivery algorithm provides
good performance over a wide range of underlying topologies.",
KEYWORDS="reliable multicast; MBONE; whiteboard; computer supported cooperative work; retransmission",

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