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Example Computer Science Department Ontology

Name: cs-dept-ontology
Version: 1.0

This ontology is declared in this document both in human-readable form (what you see in front of you now) and machine-readable SHOE form (which you can see from viewing the html source of this document).

This ontology is only an example. It is not intended for real use, and the ontology itself may change without warning.

Extended Ontologies

This ontology extends the SHOE Base Ontology ( base-ontology , version 1.0 ), using the prefix "base".

ISA Hierarchy (Taxonomy)

The following taxonomy is the collection of categories declared in this ontology. The hierarchical form is intended to show the ISA chain. Categories in [Brackets] are not defined here but are defined in an ontology extended by this one. Elements in {Braces} are additional supercategories of the category immediately before them (signifying multiple inheritance).

[base.Entity] [base.SHOEEntity] Person Worker Faculty Professor AssistantProfessor AssociateProfessor FullProfessor VisitingProfessor Lecturer PostDoc Assistant ResearchAssistant TeachingAssistant AdministrativeStaff Director Chair {Professor} Dean {Professor} ClericalStaff SystemsStaff Student UndergraduateStudent GraduateStudent Organization Department School University Program ResearchGroup Institute Publication Article TechnicalReport JournalArticle ConferencePaper UnofficialPublication Book Software Manual Specification Work Course Research Schedule


Relationships are declared between one or more arguments. Relationship arguments are either types or are categories. If the argument is a category, any subcategory of that category is valid as well.

Relation Argument 1 Argument 2 ================================================================ publicationAuthor Publication Person publicationDate Publication .DATE publicationResearch Publication Research softwareVersion Software .STRING softwareDocumentation Software Publication teacherOf Faculty Course teachingAssistantOf TeachingAssistant Course takesCourse Student Course age Person .NUMBER emailAddress Person .STRING head Organization Person undergraduateDegreeFrom Person University mastersDegreeFrom Person University doctoralDegreeFrom Person University advisor Student Professor subOrganization Organization Organization affiliatedOrganization Organization Organization member Organization Person alumnus Organization Person affiliateOf Organization Person orgPublication Organization Publication researchInterest Person Research researchProject ResearchGroup Research listedCourse Schedule Course tenured Professor .TRUTH

For compatibility purposes, this ontology also has renamed the following relations:

Relation Renamed From ================================================================ name base.name


This ontology defines some inferences which may be useful to agents:

Suborganizations are transitive.
If subOrganization(x,y) and subOrganization(y,z), then subOrganization(x,z).
Affiliates are invertable.
If affiliatedOrganization(x,y), then affiliatedOrganization(y,x).
Membership transfers through suborganizations.
If member(x,m) and subOrganization(x,y), then member(y,m).

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