Combinatorics and Algorithms for Real Problems

Application Requirements

  1. Complete Common Application (form linked below)

  2. College Transcript (Unofficial transcript is okay)

  3. At least two letters of Recommendation

  4. Personal Statement - An essay on what you want to work on and why, and why you are qualified. Keep to under 1 page.

Application Steps

Advice: On the application form there is a place to check off which projects you would be happy working on. Check off at least two. If there are only one or two that you ilke then contact me and I'll tell you if checking off only one or two makes sense.

  1. Apply -

Click Here

  1. Email transcript to

  2. Ask recommenders to send letters directly to

  3. Email personal statement to

ADVICE: Use your personal statement to talk about which projects you want to work on: Why you want to work on them, Why you are qualified to work on them.

Important Dates and Points

  1. Applications are due by March 1; however, we will make offers before then so later applications may have a disadvantage

  1. If you need to know earlier (e.g., some other REU program has made you an offer) then contact me and I may be able to tell you earlier

  1. REU programs, in general, are quite competitive. We advise you to apply to several. Do not email me to ask me how many

  1. Program Starts Monday June 8; however, we expect everyone to come Sunday June 7 to move in and have a nice REU-CAAR welcome dinner!

  1. Program Ends Friday Aug 14.

Applicant Qualifications

  1. Applicant must be a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States, but see next point.

  2. We have some money (not a lot!) for non-citizens who are ugrads at a school in America. But see next point.

  3. Some schools have ways for non-citizens so apply for funding for Stipend. We URGE all non-citizens who apply to our program to also apply for such funding from thei schools and to tell us that in your statement of purpose. Also, if you get the funding, email me.

  4. Applicants absolutely MUST be getting their degree for a school in America. No exceptions.

  5. Applicant must be an ugrad student with good standing who will still be an ugrad in Sept 2020.

  6. All applicants are expected to have completed a course in Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics, but see next point.

  7. If you don't have the above but have similar (e.g., no course in algorithms but you did a project that involved algorithms) then apply and tell me about your qualifications in your personal essay.

  8. Some of the above is breakable in the right circumstances. Feel free to email me. (The requirement that you be getting your degree at an American School is absolute. To that one there are no exceptions.)