[UMCP]       System Design and Analysis Group Seminar Series

SDAG is affiliated with the Department of Computer Science.

SDAG Seminar Series is a weekly meeting of the SDAG group. Topics of interest include computer networks, real-time systems, resource management, etc.

The seminar meets in A.V.Williams building, room 3258 (Conference Room) on Wednesdays at 4 pm, unless otherwise noted.

  Regular time: Wednesday at 4 pm
  Regular place: AVW 3258

Date Speaker Topic
Adel A. Youssef IEEE 802.11 Wireless Protocol Suite Standards
Adel A. Youssef Third Generation (3G) Wireless Networks
Krishnan K Kailas Clustered ILP Processors: Microarchitecture and Compilation Techniques
Krishnan K Kailas Clustered ILP Processors: Microarchitecture and Compilation Techniques
Simon Hawkin QoS in Data Networks: A Review
Hyeonsang Eom XML and UML: Capabilities and Limitations
Suman Banerjee Trial Presentation of the Ph.D. Proposal
Simon Hawkin Management of a Shared Link in Cyclone
Friday 1 p.m.
Suman Banerjee IEEE 802.11
Hyeonsang Eom Evaluation and Selection of "Performance Alternatives"
Doug Szajda (Confidential)
K. Subramani TBA
00/03/29 Michael B. Rash TBA
00/03/22 Spring Break; no seminar
00/03/15 Doug Szajda Mobile Routing, Part II
00/03/08 K. Subramani Job talk rehearsal
00/03/01 Doug Szajda Mobile Routing, Part I
00/01/19 Michael B. Rash Topics in Computer Security; Nmap and the Gibraltar Hack
Happy New Year!
99/11/17 Krishnan Kailas CARS: A New Code Generation Framework for Clustered ILP Processors
99/11/10 Simon Hawkin Review of  MASCOTS '99
99/11/03 K. Subramani Duality in Linear Spaces
99/10/27 Misc. Misc.
99/10/20 Suman Banerjee Clustering Techniques for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
99/10/13 Sameh Mohamed El-Sharkawy Distributed Scheduling in Real-Time Environment
99/10/06 SDAG membersSDAG Review
99/09/29 Doug Szajda; Simon Hawkin
Clock Synchronization in Cyclone
99/09/22 K. Subramani Applications of LP Duality to Scheduling
99/09/15 Dr. Agrawala Organizational meeting
99/08/18 Kirt Morris Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Tom Pritchard Overview of Real-Time Operating Systems
99/08/11 AddisAlem Getachew Media Processing on the Internet
99/08/04 Sangeeta Bhaganagar Measurement and Analysis of Packet Network Traffic
99/07/28 Bao Trinh A Brief Overview of Maruti
99/07/21 Simon Hawkin Cyclone Network Architecture
99/07/14 Research in Computer Engineering Colloquium EMERALDS: A Small-Memory Real-Time Microkernel
99/07/07 Krishnan Kailas Register File Architecture for Clustered ILP Processors
99/06/30 Sameh Mohamed El-Sharkawy Real-Time CORBA
99/06/23 Michael B. Rash The Emperor's New Mind and Software Wrappings
99/05/19 No meeting
99/05/12 Ashok Agrawala SDAG research review
99/05/05 Sameh Mohamed El-Sharkawy Dynamic Scheduling of Hard Real-Time Tasks in a Distributed Environment
99/04/28 Michael B. Rash Software Wrappings.
99/04/21 Suman Banerjee Self-Organizing Networks.
99/04/14 Simon Hawkin Cyclone Network Architecture.
99/04/07 ksmani@cs.umd.edu Application of Linear and Integer Programming to Scheduling.
99/03/31 ksmani@cs.umd.edu Introduction to Linear and Integer Programming.
99/03/24 No meeting: Spring Break
99/03/17 Suman Banerjee Active Networks
99/03/10 Dr. Agrawala SDAG review
99/03/03 Krishnan Kailas Instruction Scheduling for Clustered ILP Processors.
99/02/24 ksmani@cs.umd.edu Design and analysis of algorithms for optimal scheduling.
99/02/10 Dr. Agrawala SDAG Members Presentation.
99/02/17 Meeting cancelled
99/02/03 Dr. Agrawala SDAG Review. Room change: AVW 3258
No meetings during the Winter break.
98/12/25 No meeting: Christmas
98/12/18 ksmani@cs.umd.edu Heuristics for Algorithmic Scheduling of Hard Real-Time Processes
98/12/11 SDAG members.
Discussion section.
98/12/04 Shikha Bahl Deterministic Models for End-to-End Analysis of Computer Networks
98/11/27 No meeting: Thanksgiving holidays
98/11/20 Suman Banerjee Deterministic Models for End-to-End Analysis of Computer Networks
98/11/13 Dr. Agrawala SDAG Review

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