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Automated  Planning
University of Maryland

February 17, 2005:

  1. JSHOP2, a Java implementation of SHOP2, is now available. In addition to being written in Java, JSHOP2 uses a new "planner compilation" technique (see the description page) to achieve faster execution speed.

  2. In response to requests from users who want to contribute code to our project, we have moved all of our code to a sourceforge web page.

July 22, 2004. Several things:

  • Version 1.2 of SHOP2 is now available for download. This version includes a GUI, several new hooks and keyword arguments, a substantial revision to the Java interface, and several bug fixes.

  • Thanks, everyone, for your responses to our request for information about the projects in which you've used our software. We've finished a paper on the subject and have submitted it for publication. We also have released a technical-report version of the paper.

  • To make it easier to incorporate enhancements and bug-fixes from users, we plan to move SHOP2 to SourceForge later this summer.

  • Morgan Kaufmann, the publisher of the book Automated Planning: Theory and Practice that I recently co-authored, will have two "meet the authors" sessions at the upcoming AAAI conference: Tuesday, July 27, 4:00pm–5:00pm, and Wednesday, July 28, 10am–10:30am. I'll be there along with several of their other recent authors, so if you'd like your copy of the book signed, here's your chance :-)   –Dana Nau

December 31, 2003. Here is a link to our paper about SHOP2 in Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR). The paper describes the features of SHOP2 that enabled it to excel in the 2002 planning competition. It focuses in particular on how we do planning in temporal and numeric domains.

April 4, 2003. Some essential files were missing from the JSHOP download. We have now fixed this. If you got your copy of JSHOP 1.0.1 after March 7, then please download a new copy. If you got your copy of JSHOP 1.0.1 before March 7, then you already have the correct version.

March 7, 2003. Here are the main changes from the previous release (which was on June 14, 2002):

  • We've released version 1.1 of SHOP2. This is basically a bug-fix update.
  • We've posted an archive of SHOP2 domain descriptions for most of the planning domains in the 2002 International Planning Competition.
  • Previously, SHOP and JSHOP and SHOP2 were one big download. We've now made them into separate downloads.


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