SRL2004: Statistical Relational Learning and
its Connections to Other Fields

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Poster Presentation Instructions

The poster portion of the program will begin with a poster overview session from 11:30-12:15, where each poster will have a brief two minute presentation to 'advertise' their poster. Then from 12:15-2:30, over lunch, we will have the poster session.


  • For the two minute presentation, if you plan to use ppt or pdf, please arrange to upload it before the session starts to a laptop that we will provide. You may either email the presentation to us, or we will transfer it using a USB key (either yours, or one that we will have) sometime before the session starts.
  • For the posters, you will have a 4 x 4 space to use (the easels are shared, with 2 posters to each side of the board). Pushpins will be provided. You will have time to set up your posters either before the workshop starts or during the coffee break.
Remember two minutes is not much time, the main point of this is so people can figure out which posters belong to whom, and they can find out the details in the poster session.