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Tape Trees Inlays

Current Echoes Tape Trees for which you can find the inlays available here are:

Other additions to our collection include:

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Tape Tree Inlay designer High Quality JPEG Postscript .ps printer friendly jpeg other
On Of These Days Keith Collyer (67k jpeg) (61k jpeg)
On Of These Days Rick Karhu (1Meg, jpeg, b/w) (105k jpeg, b/w) (333k jpeg, b/w)
Careful With That Axe, Eugene Rick Karhu . (54k jpeg) b/white only (47 Kb, jpeg)
Smoking Blues Rick Karhu (jpeg, 123 K) (jpeg, 95 K)
The Man & The Journey Rudi Riet . (180K, jpg) (65K, jpg)
The Good, The Rare and The Scary Andre Terhorst (1.3 Meg .JPG ) (22Kb, .ps) (90K,.JPG) (.gif 23 K).
Colours of Infinity Brian _pink Davis. (126Kb, .jpg) (55Kb, .jpg)
Childhood's End Mitch ( 90 K, .jpg) ( 77K, .jpg)
All Wright Sean Zloch ( 288 K, .jpg) ( 43K, .jpg) ( 71 K, .jpg)
VPRO M&J broadcast Fernando Andreas Jimenez ( 120K, .jpg)
Dave Ward
Tape 1 ( .jpg, 114K) ( .jpg, 66.6K)
Tape 2 ( .jpg, 121K) ( .jpg, 70K)
Byrned In Jersey (original 300K .jpg)
Jeff Hulit
Tape 1 (.jpg, 133K) (.jpg, 114K)
Tape 2 (.jpg, 136K) (.jpg, 117K)
Absolutely Curtains
Dave Ward
Tape 1 ( .jpg, 187K) (.jpg, 73K)
Tape 2 ( .jpg, 184K) ( .jpg, 69 K)

Tape Tree Designer
The COMPLETE BBC Sessions Dave Ward.
Tape High Quality JPEG Postscript .ps printer friendly jpeg other
Tape 1 (.jpg 270K). (.jpg, 102K)
Tape 2 (.jpg 250K). (.jpg, 95K)
Tape 3 (.jpg 254K). (.jpg, 94K)
Tape Tree Designer
The COMPLETE BBC Sessions Brian _pink Davis.
Tape High Quality JPEG Postscript .ps printer friendly jpeg other
Tape 1 (.jpg 105K).
Tape 2 (.jpg 86K).
Tape 3 (.jpg 94K).
Tape Tree Designer
The Return of The Good The Rare and The Scary tree Fernando Andres J.
Tape High Quality JPEG Postscript .ps printer friendly jpeg other
Tape 1 (.jpg 113K).
Tape 2 (.jpg 100K).
Tape 3 (.jpg 103K).

Inlays For
The ECHOES rarities
Tape Tree

The Inlays are done as PostScript files. You can download them on your local system, and them print them out... Even though the inlays are made in color you can print them in b/w.

These inlays were created by Andre Terhorst at andre@iag.tno.nl .

  1. Tape #1 Inlay
  2. Tape #2 Inlay
  3. Tape #3 Inlay
  4. Tape #4 Inlay
  5. Tape #5 Inlay
  6. Tape #6 Inlay

An alternative set of inlays created in 1997 by Fernando Andres Jimenez. (These inlays match my criteria Of Postscript printer friendliness.

  1. Tape #1 Inlay
  2. Tape #2 Inlay
  3. Tape #3 Inlay
  4. Tape #4 Inlay
  5. Tape #5 Inlay
  6. Tape #6 Inlay

Inlays For
Covered in Pink
Tape Tree

I used Andre's Rarities tree designs to create "quick-and-dirty" Postscript inlays for the Covered in Pink tree. Rick Karhu on Nov 30, 1997 finished his set of inlays for the tree.
Tape High Quality JPEG
(by Rick)
(by Alex)
.ps printer friendly jpeg
(by Rick)
Tape 1 (jpeg, 180K) (.ps, 21K) (jpeg, 84K)
Tape 2 (jpeg, 179K) (.ps, 21K) (jpeg, 84K)
Tape 3 (jpeg, 173K) (.ps, 21K) (jpeg, 78K)
Tape 4 (jpeg, 179K) (.ps, 21K) (jpeg, 85K)
Tape 5 (.ps, 22K)

Gerhard's Inlays

Gerhard Den Hollander created a set of inlays for his roio collection, which he makes available to everyone. At this moment all the inlays are .gif files.

...more to come...
I used Andre's Rarities Tape Tree inlay design to create some inlays for
"Early Effeverescence" collection

Q: What the hell does ".ps printer friendly" mean ?

A: Some of us work on Unix workstations hooked somehow to Postscript printers. When one is trying to print a certain graphics image on such a printer, what happens first is that this image gets converted into Postscript format and only after that does it get send to printer. It turns out that different software has different aspect ratios for such conversion. F.e., well known graphics program XV's and NetScape's Print commands will result in different size of the printed image (XV will produce a larger image in case yuou wonder).

The .ps - printer friendly images are introduced to make it easier for me, and for people with similar hardware/spftware configurations to print to inlays. In order to print an inlay, all I have to do is

This simplicity is achieved by fine-tuning the size of the inlay so that the Print command will produce the inlay of the exact size. After a series of experiments the final result for a 2-folded inlay (an inlay with a cover page and one page for setlists) was set to be:
643 x 416
for horizontally oriented inlay (reverse the numbers for vertical orienteation). For an inlay with an extra setlist page, the height dimention remains the same (416) but the height has to increase.

Any feedback on how these inlays "behave" themselves on your hardware/software configurations is welcome.

Thanks to Ray O'Hara for providing us with the following picture:
(Pink Floyd, the Wall on stage, Earls Courst, August 4, 1980)

Day after day,
Our love turns gray,
Like the skin on a dying man.
And night after night,
We pretend it's all right,
But I have grown older,
And you have grown colder,
And nothing is very much fun, anymore.
And I can feel,
One of all my turns coming on...

/Pink Floyd/Roger Waters, "One Of My Turns"/


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