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Computer Science Department T-Shirts


Q: What styles are available?

A: There are two shirt options in two colors each: black short sleeve, black long sleeve, white short sleeve, white long sleeve. There is also the option of a woman's cut ("babydoll") tshirt in black that is available by preorder only. A minimum of 12 of each style is needed to place an order, so not all styles may be ordered. If you want a style other than black short sleeve, please also indicate if another style is acceptable, in case the style you want can't be ordered.

Q: What if I've already pre-ordered and want a different style?

A: If you have already placed a pre-order, and would like to change styles, send mail to exec_co+shirt@cs. If you've already paid money, don't worry about paying the difference yet. If you haven't paid, please pay before Friday.

Q: How much do they cost?

A: Pre-ordered shirts cost $10 for short sleeve, $15 for long sleeve, and $15 for women's cut.
A limited number of shirts will be available afterwards for $2 extra per shirt.

Q: How do I get one?

A: Right now, we are taking pre-orders. Go to 3122 AVW, and ask for Adam, Rob, or Cristian. Tell them the size you want, and give them your money (not all of it, just enough for as many shirts as you want). Pre-orders will end on March 9, 2007. Alternatively, you can send mail to exec_co+shirt@cs with the size you want, and pay later, but no later than March 9th.

Q: Is XXL available?

A: For a modest extra fee of $2.00 you can have your very own XXL t-shirt.