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Miscellaneous Display Control Functions

Here are some miscellaneous routines that affect how drawing and displaying take place.

Request that the image be redrawn.
Swap the front and back buffers (used in double buffering).
glClearColor(GLclampf R, GLclampf G, GLclampf B, GLclampf A):
Specifies the background color to be used by glClear(), when clearing the buffer.
glClear(GLbitfield mask):
Clears one or more of the existing buffers. The mask is a logical or ("|") of any of the following: GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT, GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT, GL_ACCUM_BUFFER_BIT, or GL_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT.
OpenGL normally saves or "buffers" drawing commands for greater efficiency. This forces the image to be redrawn, in case the next update will be far in the future.
This is like glFlush(), but it waits until all drawing has been finished before it returns.
glHint(GLenum target, GLenum mode):
Provides a hint as to how OpenGL should behave. Normally this is to suggest whether speed or accuracy is more important. The mode may be GL_DONT_CARE, GL_FASTEST, or GL_NICEST. Some target values include

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