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GLUT Menu Functions

GLUT provides a simple mechanism for creating pop-up menus. Each menu is associated with a procedure (which you provide) when you create the menu. When the menu item is selected, this procedure is called and passed the index of the item selected. Submenus are also possible (but not discussed here).

glutCreateMenu(void (*)(int)):
Creates an empty menu. The argument is the callback function, which is of the form void myfunc(int value), where value holds the index of the menu item which was selected.
glutAddMenuEntry(char *name, int value):
Adds a menu entry to the bottom of the current menu. The character string name is the text to be displayed in the menu entry, and the integer value is passed to your callback procedure to identify the selected item.
glutAttachMenu(int button):
Attaches the current menu to the specified mouse button, which is either GLUT_LEFT_BUTTON, GLUT_MIDDLE_BUTTON, or GLUT_RIGHT_BUTTON.

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