A New GPL Driver for the Wavelan IEEE/Orinoco

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This driver is very similar to the MWaveLan driver with one exception: It's completely open source. The driver is based on the old GPL driver called wvlan_cs.

Both the wvlan_cs driver and Lucent's binary driver depend on the hcf library. So one expects that the modification I applied to the Lucent binary driver should work directly on the wvlan_cs driver. Unfortunately, the Lucent binary hcf library seems to support more functions than the open source hcf library (that's why it's called hcf light). The main function that was missing from the hcf light library to support the active scanning was the mailbox functionality. I used information from the hcf light documentation, orinoco_cs source code, wavelan2_cs source code and mainly based on logical thinking and trial and error. However, this was easier than modifying the original Features

    The mwvlan_cs driver supports all the features of the open source driver wvlan_cs driver. In  addition, the following features are supported:

Issues and release notes for mwavelan_cs

Driver History

  • v1.00 May 3, 2002: First version released

    Future Extensions

    Download the mwvlan Driver

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    Examples of Information Collected by the Driver

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    Updated 9 November 2001