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My office is in 4117, A. V. Williams Building.

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I'm outta here. I'm gone from the university, leaving the hallowed halls of academia behind for those who can appreciate them more than me. I now am employed at UUNET Technologies. The commute is longer, but there's other advantages...

Other Pages

DC Area Cookin - Pictures and recipes from the "cook-in" held January 20th, 1996 by the DC area readers of the rec.food.cooking news group.

Pete's Land O' Food - A (slowly growing) collection of links to pages having to do with food.

Pete's Land O' Links - A (slowly growing) collection of links to pages that I use for work or that I find interesting.


I hate the Internet

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This update to my lame home page is my grudging acknowledgment of the existence of the Web. As long as it's here, I might as well have some fun.

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