13th Maryland Theoretical Computer Science Day

The University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS) is organizing a Theoretical Computer Science Day to be held on Friday, Oct 6, 1995 at the University of Maryland, College Park. This event will be held at the Rossborough Inn (on Route 1).


9:30--10:00 Refreshments

10:00--11:00 Juris Hartmanis (Cornell), The Computing Paradigm and Computational Complexity

11:15--12:15 John Case (Delaware), Trends for Gold-Style Computational Learning Theory

12:15-- 2:00 Lunch

2:00-- 3:00 Michel Goemans (MIT), The Primal-Dual Method for Designing Approximation Algorithms

3:15-- 4:15 Zvi Galil (Columbia), Short Length Versions of Menger's Theorem

4:15-- 5:00 Reception

Directions to Campus:

Campus Map: The Rossborough Inn is not shown on the detailed map. However, it is in front of the Reckord Armory. The Armory is a large building located in the South-East quadrant of campus (brown area).

Directions to Rossborough Inn:

Coming South on Route 1, pass the traffic light on Campus Drive. A RIGHT turn at the next light (called Rossborough Lane towards the left) brings you next to Rossborough Inn. Make a LEFT after 20 yards and there is parking available on the LEFT for visitors to Rossborough Inn. The visitors center is only 50 yards away with many meters in case the parking lot is full.

Lunch: Please email th-day@cs.umd.edu before Sep 30 if you wish to have lunch with us. We would also appreciate your informing us of your parking requirements.

Contact: Send email to cecilia@umiacs.umd.edu or samir@cs.umd.edu for additional information.