Ahmed Taha

Graduate PhD Student

University of Maryland

Research Interest: Image segmentation, texture classification, patch matching. Recently I am becoming interested in deep learning.

Technical Skills: C/C++, Python, JAVA, OpenCV, MATLAB, mex files and CUDA
            Keras, OpenCV, SimpleITK, CAFFE


  1. Ahmed Taha, Marwan Torki, Seeded Laplacian: An Interactive Image Segmentation Approach using Eigenfunctions, ICIP 2015.
  2. Moustafa Meshry, Ahmed Taha, Marwan Torki, Multi-Modality Feature Transform: An Interactive Image Segmentation Approach, BMVC 2015.

Research Experience:

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I spent some time after earning my Bsc developing mobile apps for iOS. I co-founded Inova, a software development company. If you want to know more about such period. plz visit my personal site.