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Conference Papers

  • Economical Delone Sets for Approximating Convex Bodies
    - with David M. Mount
    SWAT 2018

  • Sampling Conditions for Conforming Voronoi Meshing by the VoroCrust Algorithm
    - with Chandrajit Bajaj, Mohamed Ebeida, Ahmed Mahmoud, Scott Mitchell, John Owens and Ahmad Rushdi
    SoCG 2018
    [Full version]

  • A Constrained Resampling Strategy for Mesh Improvement
    - with Ahmed H. Mahmoud, Ahmad A. Rushdi, Scott A. Mitchell, John D. Owens and Mohamed S. Ebeida
    SGP 2017
    [CGF] [PDF] [Code and Data]

  • A Seed Placement Strategy for Conforming Voronoi Meshing
    - with Chandrajit L. Bajaj, Mohamed S. Ebeida and Scott A. Mitchell
    CCCG 2017
    [PDF] [Presentation] [Talk]

  • Argus: Realistic Target Coverage by Drones
    - with Ahmed Saeed, Azin Neishaboori, Mouhyemen Khan, Khaled Harras and Amr Mohamed
    IPSN 2017
    [IEEEXplore] [PDF]

  • Recovering Visibility and Dodging Obstacles in Pursuit-Evasion Games
    CIG 2016
    [IEEEXplore] [PDF] [Pitch Slide] [Poster]

  • 2048 Without New Tiles Is Still Hard
    - with Aditya Acharya and Philip Dasler
    FUN 2016
    [LIPIcs] [Playable Gadgets]

  • The Inapproximability of Illuminating Polygons by α-Floodlights
    - with Ahmed Saeed, Khaled Harras and Amr Mohamed
    CCCG 2015
    [PDF] [Presentation]

  • Angular Heuristics for Coverage Maximization in Multi-Camera Surveillance
    - with Moamen Mokhtar and Hazem El-Alfy
    AVSS 2012
    [IEEEXplore] [PDF] [Poster]

  • Visibility Induction for Discretized Pursuit-Evasion Games
    - with Hazem El-Alfy
    AAAI 2012
    [PDF] [Lightning Slide] [Poster]

  • Analysis of a Device-Free Passive Tracking System in Typical Wireless Environments
    - with Ahmed E. Kosba and Moustafa Youssef
    NTMS 2009
    [IEEEXplore] [PDF] [Presentation]

Workshop & Demo Papers

  • Sampling Conditions for Clipping-free Voronoi Meshing by the VoroCrust Algorithm
    - with Scott Mitchell, Ahmad Rushdi, Mohamed Ebeida, Ahmed Mahmoud, John Owens and Chandrajit Bajaj
    FWCG 2017
    [PDF] [Presentation]
  • Homology Localization by Hierarchical Blowups
    CG:YRF, SoCG 2016
    [PDF] [Pitch Slide] [Presentation]
  • Brands in NewsStand: Spatio-Temporal Browsing of Business News
    - with Emily Hand, Hanan Samet
    [ACM DL] [PDF] [Poster]
  • 2048 is NP-Complete
    - with Aditya Acharya and Philip Dasler
    CG:YRF, SoCG 2015
    [PDF] [Pitch Slide] [Playable Gadgets]
  • Steiner Point Reduction in Planar Delaunay Meshes
    - with Scott A. Mitchell and Mohamed S. Ebeida
    CG:YRF, SoCG 2014
    [PDF] [Pitch Slide] [Presentation]


  • Optimization Problems in Visual Surveillance
    - with Hazem Elalfy, Mina Abd-el-malek, Amr Abdelrazek
    Master's Thesis, 2013
  • An Accurate Zero-Configuration DfP Localization System for Typical Wireless Environments
    - with Ahmed Eleryan, Ahmed E. Kosba, Mohamed Elsabagh, Moustafa Youssef
    Bachelor's Thesis, 2009