Alex J. Malozemoff [CV]
Ph.D. Student
University of Maryland
Advisor: Jonathan Katz

Research Interests:

Cryptography. Computer Security.


  1. "Amortizing Garbled Circuits." Yan Huang, Jonathan Katz, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Ranjit Kumaresan, and Alex J. Malozemoff. Crypto, 2014. To appear.
  2. "Efficient Three-Party Computation from Cut-and-Choose." Seung Geol Choi, Jonathan Katz, Alex J. Malozemoff, and Vassilis Zikas. Crypto, 2014. To appear. Full version: ePrint.
  3. "Automated Analysis and Synthesis of Block-Cipher Modes of Operation." Alex J. Malozemoff, Jonathan Katz, and Matthew D. Green. IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, 2014. To appear.
  4. "One-Round Multi-Party Communication Complexity of Distinguishing Sums." Daniel Apon, Jonathan Katz, and Alex J. Malozemoff. Theoretical Computer Science 501:101-108, 2013. Full version: ECCC, arXiv.



PGP Key:

09E8 5AA5 AF7B B81C 0506 10BD 928B 3B71 22AA 9558

Last updated: May 30 2014