Andrew Miller

I’m a computer science PhD student at the University of Maryland, in the Cybersecurity Center (MC2) and programming language lab (PLUM). I study distributed systems, programming languages, and cryptography. I’m especially interested in secure p2p networks, like Bitcoin. My advisors are Jonathan Katz, Elaine Shi, and Michael Hicks.

I am a consultant for the zerocash project.

Computer Security and Cryptocurrency Research

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Stickwheel - a completely practical, yet unusual, 1-wheeled electric vehicle. Compared to a Segway, it uses 50% fewer wheels. (youtube video)



  • MIT Bitcoin Expo, Mar 8, 2015. (video)
  • Nonoutsourceable puzzles. DCAPS, Mar 5, 2015. (slides)
  • Game Theory at Hasher's United Conference. Las Vegas, October 2014. (video)
  • From Onions to Shallots: Rewarding Tor Relays with TEARS. HotPETS. Amsterdam, July 2014. (slides)
  • Using the Shadow Simulator for Bitcoin analysis and attacks. PETS (rump session). Amsterdam, July 2014.
  • Pool Busting with "Nonoutsourceable" Bitcoin Puzzles. Workshop on Economics and Information Security (rump session). State College, PA, July 2014 (slides)
  • Panel at Princeton Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Research Conference on "Building collaborations between Bitcoin developers and researchers"
  • Permacoin: Repurposing Bitcoin Work for Long-Term Data Preservation. DCAPS. Georgetown, DC, May 2014. (slides)
  • Permacoin: Repurposing Bitcoin Work for Long-Term Data Preservation. IEEE Security and Privacy. San Jose, May 2014. (slides)
  • Permacoin: Repurposing Bitcoin Work for Long-Term Data Preservation. San Francisco Ethereum Meetup. San Francisco, May 2014. (slides) (video)
  • Towards a Better Concurrency Framework. UMD Crypto Reading Group. April 2014. (slides)
  • Scratch-Off Puzzles with Side Effects and More. Princeton Bitcoin Research Workshop. March 2014 (slides)
  • Why Wasn't Bitcoin Invented 15 Years Ago? Financial Cryptography (rump session). Barbados, March 2014. (slides)
  • Authenticated Data Structures, Generically + Bitcoin. Guest Lecture, UMD Cloud Security class. February 2014. (slides)
  • Authenticated Data Structures, Generically. POPL. San Diego, January 2014. (slides)
  • Intro to Bitcoin Research. UMD Crypto Reading Group. December 2013. (slides)
  • Computational Puzzles. UMD Systems Chat. February 2013. (slides)