Robust Uncertain Data Management

The goal of this project is to develop a systematic framework to enable "robust" query processing in presence of data uncertainties, that arise naturally in a wide variety of application domains including social media analysis, scientific and biological data management, sensor data management, and text analytics. Data uncertainties may take the form of missing or incomplete data, inherent noise in the data, trust or reputation scores assigned to data based on their sources of origin, or confidences in predictions made using automated modeling tools. The input uncertainties naturally lead to uncertainties in the results of any queries or analysis performed on such data. To enable robust and systematic reasoning over such uncertain query results, we are designing algorithms and tools to identify the input uncertainties to which the query results are most sensitive, to decide how to use scarce resources like subject matter experts to resolve uncertainties in query results, and to incorporate user feedback to improve the robustness of the input uncertainty parameters themselves.

Project Participants


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