Software Engineering

Spring 2005; CMSC 435; Section 0101

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    We will have a 10 minute quiz almost every Thursday (see specific dates below) at the beginning of class. The quiz will contain questions from material covered in class. Quiz solutions will be posted on this page (click on the links below). Remember, 15% of your grade is from the quizzes. Please contact the class TA for any quiz-related questions.


Date of Quiz

1 Feb. 9 quiz1.pdf
2 Feb. 16 quiz2.pdf
3 Feb. 23 quiz3.pdf
4 Mar. 2 quiz4.pdf
5 Mar. 9 quiz5.pdf
6 Mar. 16 quiz6.pdf
7 Mar. 30 quiz7.pdf
8 Apr. 6 quiz8.pdf
9 Apr. 13 quiz9.pdf
10 Apr. 20 quiz10.pdf
11 Apr. 27 quiz11.pdf
12 May 4 quiz12.pdf
13 May 11 quiz13.pdf




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