An Event-Flow Model to Test EDS

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“An Event-Flow Model to Test EDS” by Atif M. Memon. In Software Engineering and Development, (Enrique A. Belini, ed.), 2009.


A particular class of software that is fast becoming ubiquitous is event-driven software (EDS). All EDS share a common event-driven model they take sequences of events (e.g., messages, mouse-clicks) as input, change their state, and (sometimes) output an event sequence. Examples include web applications, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), network protocols, device drivers, and embedded software. Quality assurance tasks such as testing have become important for EDS since they are being used in critical applications. Numerous researchers have shown that existing testing techniques do not apply directly to EDS because of the new challenges that EDS offer. This column lists some of these challenges and emphasizes on the need to develop new techniques (or enhance existing ones) to test EDS.

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