Year 2011

IEEE SmartGridComm

A.Patel, J. Aparicio, N.C. Tas, M. Loiacono, J. Rosca. Assessing Communication Technology Options for Smart Grid Applications. IEEE Communication Networks for Smart Grid (IEEE SmartGridComm), 2011.


N.C. Tas, V. Mesrob, Y. Genc. Wireless Sensor Networks in the Control Loop: Delay-Sensitive Networks. IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC) 2011.


N.C. Tas, T. Nadeem, A. Agrawala. Making Wireless Networks MORAL. INFOCOM, 2011.

Year 2010


N.C. Tas, C. Raileanu, M. Dejori, C. Neubauer. Bridge Sensor Mart: A Flexible and Scalable Data Storage and Analysis Framework for Structural Health Monitoring. The Fifth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS), 2010.

Year 2009


Zhen Song, C. Sastry, N.C. Tas, Y. Chen. Feasibility Analysis on Optimal Sensor Selection. American Control Conference (ACC) 2009.

Structures Congress

M. Dejori, H. Malik, F. Moerchen, N. C. Tas, C. Neubauer. Development of Data Infrastructure for the Long Term Bridge Performance Program. Structures Congress'09.

Year 2008


N.C.Tas, C. Sastry, V. Mesrob. Noise-Aware Energy-Efficient Sensor Binding. Advanced Networking and Communications Workshop, co-located with ICCCN 2008.

Year 2007


N.C. Tas, C. Sastry, Z. Song. IEEE 802.15.4 Throughput Analysis under IEEE 802.11 Interference. International Symposium on Innovations and Real Time Applications of Distributed Sensor Networks, 2007.

IEEE Sarnoff Symposium

Z. Song, C.Sastry, N.C. Tas. An Interactive Optimal Sensor Selection Method for Wireless Sensor Networks. IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, 2007. Runner-up for best student paper (3rd place).


M. Faschinger, C. Sastry, A. Patel, N.C. Tas. An RFID and Wireless Sensor Network-based Implementation of Workflow Optimization. IEEE WoWMoM Conference, Industrial Track, 2007.


T. Nadeem, N.C. Tas. Data Rate and Fragmentation Aware Ad hoc Routing. IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, 2007.

Year 2006


N.C. Tas, C. Sastry, Z. Song. Monitoring Moving Objects in Rate Adaptable WSNs. International Symposium on Innovations and Real Time Applications of Distributed Sensor Networks, 2006.

IEEE Sarnoff Symposium

C. Sastry, C. Ma, M. Loiacono, N.C. Tas, V. Zahorcak. Peer-to-peer Wireless Sensor Network Data Acquisition System with Pipelined Time Division Scheduling. IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, 2006.


N.C. Tas and B.K.O. Tas. A Search Theoretical Approach to P2P Networks: Analysis of Learning. Proc. 2006 Intl. Conf on Internet and Web Applications and Services, 2006.

Year 2003


S. Kraus, C. Tas, V.S. Subrahmanian. Probabilistically Survivable Multiagent Systems. Proc. 2003 Intl. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence, pg. 789-795, 2003.

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