On this page you can find a 6 second MPEG file of a mysterious "Enigma Publius" message that occured on July 18th, 1994 during the Pink Floyd show in East Rutherford, NJ. It was predicted to occur at 10:30pm. It is beleived that the message actually occured approximately at 9:55pm during the performance of Keep Talking .

The MPEG file was created by Robert Carey (rcarey@orbit16i.nesdis.noaa.gov)

There are a few "snapshots" that were grabbed from the video using conventional graphics package, that can be found on this page as well. These images might be of interest to those who does not have access to MPEG playing software and/or cannot download the entire 5.2Mb MPEG file.

fROM Gerhard den Hollander:

| the message was predicted to occur at 10:30 pm, but occured on 9:55 pm
| during the performance of Keep Talking, some see this discrepancy as proof
| that Publius did NOT know that this night was going to be a DSOTM show,
| while others see this as the proof that Publius did know this.

fROM Mark Brown :

On July 16, 1994 Publius predicted a sign to help us trust his messages about an enigma in The Division Bell. He wrote in part:
> I have gone to great lengths to plan the 
> following display of communication:
> Monday, July 18
> East Rutherford, New Jersey
> Approximately 10:30pm
> Flashing white lights.
During the Giants Stadium show his prediction referred to (the last show of the U.S. leg of the tour), the 600 programmable lights at the foot of the stage spelled out his signal during Keep Talking. At that point in the shows, the lights ordinarily displayed graphic symbols that have been nicknamed "heiroglyphs". Publius's signal appeared at about 9:55. That night's show began earlier than usual.

...The MPEG Movie ...

Download the 5.2 Mb MPEG file of ENIGMA message

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