Project Errorfest Program Statement
Pink Floyd was always a mysterious band and it always would persue its own mysterious ways. In 1970ies, the band was selling more records than anyone else and yet, only fans would know the names of the band members, and only most devoted fans would recognize Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright should they meet them outside the concert arena. This atomsphere of mystery that always accompanied the band found its reflection in a number of books devoted to Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett. Yet, because of the way the band introduced itself to the public eye, because the band members always tried to keep their private lives and their creativity process to themselves, not too many facts about the band are known for sure. And when no exact info is known, legends, rumours and assumptions fill thier place. Some of them are true, at least partly, some of them are false. And the books about Pink Floyd are bound at one or another point to fall victim to such rumours.

What is means is that every single fact in the books about Pink Floyd requires (preferebly independent) verification. Pink Floyd fans around the world united into Echoes mailing list are trying to do so for years and years. And while trying to recreate the real story of Pink Floyd, we found out that there are numerous errors in nearly every book devoted to Pink Floyd.

Project Errorfest was started in January, 1996 by the members of Echoes - Pink Floyd mailing list in order to combine together all the errors in Pink FLoyd- related litereature and provide an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-read access to the database of these errors.

The index page will contain the list of books and other Pink Floyd-related publications with the links to the lists of errors found in them. Whenever possible we will try to cross-reference similar errors and highlight the trace of an error traveling from one publication to another.
And, of course the this project would be impossible implement without ...

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