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Database Entry Format

If you are planning on participating in Project Errorfest, please take some time to read the descriptions below.

First, a definition:

A Database Entry
is information regarding one particular part of the book/publication, which can be corrected/updated/completed or somehow otherwise analyzed.

It is tempting to say that as a Database Entry we mean information about one particular error. However, this will not be quite correct, since Project Errorfest database contains information not only about the errors in the book/publications, but also, entries for the cases of incomplete info and some other.

For more info see the list of Database Entry Categories below

Project Errorfest Database Entry Format

Below is a brief description of the basic format for an entry for a book.

Page in the book to which the entry corresponds.
Information from the book, for which this entry is written. This information can be given in a form of a quote from the text, or it may just summarize the important points.
The actual information related to the entry. Whenever necessary, the source for the information stated under Fact must be provided.
Category of the entry. See below
Any supplemental information, thoughts or opinions that might be relevant to an entry, which are not however verified, actual facts. This can contain thoughts on the origin of a error, various hypotheses, suggestions etc.
Contains pointers to similar entries, different other cross-references.

Database Entry Catagories

A catagory for a database entry is a key notion for us. Basically it tells you what sort of an entry you are looking at. It tells you whether author of the book under review just made a serious error, forgot to mention something important, or the person who submitted the entry to the database thinks that there is something wring with the info author provided. Below is the list of catagories which you can currently find on the Database pages:

In the future (a rather distant future), the Entry Category might become a base of a Project Errorfest Search Engine, should I decide to add some CGI. So far the Category is used strictly for informational purposes....

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