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last updated : March 9 1998

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Welcome to the new home of the Inlays !

Now, besides the inlays themselves, you can find here some information and resources related to the inlays we keep.

Recent additions to our collection:

Current Echoes Tape Trees for which you can find the inlays available here are:

Inlay Collection

One Of These Days The Good, The Rare and The Scary
Careful With That Axe, Eugene The Return of The Good, The Rare and The Scary
Smoking Blues Rarities
Colours Of Infinity Covered In Pink
Childhood'a End The Complete BBC sesions
All Wright Absolutely Curtains
The Man And The Journey Live KAOS
VPRO The Man And The Journey broadcast Byrned In Jersey
A Saucerful of Echoes Pink Floyd Takes It Back (video tree)
Super Total Eclipse About A Wild Joker's Face
All available inlays

More Inlays

Inlays for tapes other than the Tape Trees

Gerhard's Inlay Collection Early Effeverescence inlays

Other Resources

Tape Trees and Trading

Echoes Tape Forest
is where all the information about Echoes Tape Trees can be found.
Maintainer: harsh.

There is also the original, but no longer maintained version of the Echoes Tape Forest, by Andrius Sytas.

Paul Goracke's ftp site for Echoes Tape Tree Inlays. Among other things, contains all Inlays in .pdf format. Use it if connection to these pages is slow. Use it if you do not have http access but do have ftp access to the Internet.

The Tape Traders Bible
Maintained by Brian _pink Davis this is an excellent reference concerning all possible kinds of tape trading. Other points of interest on _pink's page include a J-card Gallery which can serve as an alternative source of some inlays, and Echoes Tape Trees with information about some tape trees run on Echoes

The Essential ROIO tree home page
Gerhard den Hollander is on the quest to bring all essential ROIOs to everyone who wants them. This page also contains info on tape trees in general.

A Saucerful Of Echoes project
Run by Dave Ward is an attempt of a tribute to Pink Floyd by Echoes. Each ASOE tape will contain different Pink Floyd and related songs performed by members of the Echoes mailing list.

Inlays: Designing, Printing etc....

The Echoes Inlays FAQ
Promised by Rick Karhu this is thought to be the ultimate reference for those who want to know everything about the inlays: from coming up with a good idea about the design, to learning how to print an inlay in differnt situations.
This FAQ does not exist... YET.

Graphics Editors/Processors
For those of you, who cannot get the printed versions of the inlays to be of correct size, one suggestion is to use one of the simple graphics packages available for download as either shareware or freeware. You can also use commercially available packages, but the references to them are not included here because, they are not avaialbe on the Web for download and, for the purposes of just resizing the images, they seem to be all too powerfull.

L View Pro
L View Pro by Leonardo Haddad Loureiro works with Windows'95 and Windows NT 4.0.
Graphic Workshop
by Alchemy Mindworks works with Windows'95 (and probably with Windows NT 4.0.
Paintshop Pro
by JASC Software Inc. Current version works with Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. You can also download earlier version that works with Windows 3.1 and Windows NT 3.51.
GNU Image Manipulation Program by Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball. This program was written as a part of GNU project. You can download the version of it for a variety of *NIX systems. However, you will be downloading the source code which will need to be compiled. This is a very impressive program, with the number of features not less than in any fancy PC Graphics package.
by John Bradley. The champion graphics program for *NIX/ X-Widows. XV version executable on Windows NT is also available for download.
Imaging Machine
A very good on-line image processing engine by VRL. Allows you to manipulate images.

Q: What the hell does ".ps printer friendly" mean ?

A: Some of us work on Unix workstations hooked somehow to Postscript printers. When one is trying to print a certain graphics image on such a printer, what happens first is that this image gets converted into Postscript format and only after that does it get send to printer. It turns out that different software has different aspect ratios for such conversion. F.e., well known graphics program XV's and NetScape's Print commands will result in different size of the printed image (XV will produce a larger image in case yuou wonder).

The .ps - printer friendly images are introduced to make it easier for me, and for people with similar hardware/spftware configurations to print to inlays. In order to print an inlay, all I have to do is

  • Load the .ps printer friendly image into Netscape.
  • Choose Print in Netscape's File menu.
  • Walk accross the hall to retreive the printed document
This simplicity is achieved by fine-tuning the size of the inlay so that the Print command will produce the inlay of the exact size. After a series of experiments the final result for a 2-folded inlay (an inlay with a cover page and one page for setlists) was set to be:
643 x 416
for horizontally oriented inlay (reverse the numbers for vertical orienteation). For an inlay with an extra setlist page, the height dimention remains the same (416) but the height has to increase.

Any feedback on how these inlays "behave" themselves on your hardware/software configurations is welcome.

Things I am looking for:

The resources in the list above are quite incomplete and I would like to add as much relevant info to the list as I can. So, here is the information I am looking for:

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