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Alex Dekhtyar FAQ v. 1.9999

Who am I ?

I am a graduate student and a Research Assistant at the dept. of CS , University of Maryland at College Park . I have got an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Applied Math at Tver State University , Tver, Russia.

What do I do here ?

Currently I am a Research Assistant for VS Subrahmanian , in the LINKS (Laboratory for INtegrated KNowledge Systems) and I am working on hybrid probabilistic logic programming/probabilistic deductive databases .
Check out my academic "activities" and a few Computer Science related links

This year I am also a member of Graduate Executive Council of the department. (And I maintain the exec_co web page).

Why am I here ?

Probably to get a Ph.D.

Am I here ?

Check it out.

Am I married ?

Yes. Indeed. My wife, Olga has a page of her own

How to find me ?


My email address at UMd is: dekhtyar@cs.umd.edu


My office is in A.V. Williams 3104.

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What is my BIGGEST Hobby ?



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And the last question.... What is my funny .sig all about ?

Oh... My .sig appeared around January-March 1993. One of my pen-pals called me "a real email animal" in his email to me... Next reply I signed off with what you see below .

PS. From one Echoes thread we found out that "email animal" belongs to class "Emailia" or Emmailia rather then to normal class Mumulia /. A 24-hour Internet-addicted mutation , should I say.


..............Alex, "an email animal"...................