Assignment Submission (This is taken from Amitabh Varshney)
Please upload your assignment using WebCT for CMSC427 at Please upload all the source files. If you are using UNIX, please upload the Makefile or if you are using VC++ upload all the files in your assignment directory except for .ncb and .pch files. In addition to these files, you should also prepare a README file that contains the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Your Student ID
  • Your working platform (LINUX, Windows, etc), compiler version (cc, gcc, Visual Studio 6.0, .Net, etc) and information on how to compile the program if it is anything more complicated than just typing make or using a Visual Studio project.
  • Information about running the program: command line options, mouse functions, etc, if they have not been specified in the assignment handout.
  • What parts of the assignment you have successfully completed.
You can also choose to create a single archive containing all the above files using either tar and gzip or WinZip and upload it. If for some reason you cannot login to your WebCT account, you can email your assignment as a single archive file to either Amitabh ( or Derek (