Evan Golub's PaintByNumbers Puzzle Game Page
This is the information page for my implementation of a puzzle game that goes by many names (I call it PaintByNumbers) and is very popular in Japan. I am implementing this game for the PocketPC platform (eg: iPAQ3650, HP548, E125).

In this puzzle, you are shown a grid along with numbers for each row and column. From this, you can logically determine which grid cells need to be colored and which need to be blank. In the end, you get a picture. There is a great explanation of the game here.

You can see a small example as it would be seen within my program worked through almost completely. This is the puzzle that loads by default when you install this program. Four other puzzles are also installed (see belowe for details). Note: This page has images and can take a little while to load.

In the current version of the program, all grids are 15x15 and will solve to a black and white image. Each cell in the grid has three possible states: unknown(gray), colored(black), blank(white). The puzzle will start with all cells grayed out indicating they are all unknown. Single-tapping on a cell will advance the state of that cell (gray --> black --> white --> gray).

Under the Game menu you can select to Check to see if you have the correct solution, have the program Solve the puzzle for you or Reset the puzzle to its all-unknown state.

The game state will be saved if you leave it at any time.

There are currently no directions available within the program.

The current version can be downloaded here. Extract the contents to a new directory and run the setup.exe file. The program will be installed on your PocketPC the next time you sync it. Shortcuts to the application will be added to the Start Menu and Programs directory.

Five puzzles are included with the program. To access them, simply go to the File menu and select Open and then choose one from the list. The ones I create will be in the form Cxx_Pyy where xx is the collection number and yy is the puzzle number within that collection. The puzzle that is loaded when you first install the program is C01_P01.

PuzzlePack01 is now available. Download PuzzlePack01 here.

I have several additional parts to this program on which I am currently working, so this is not a final release. These include:
  • More PuzzlePacks
  • A desktop program with which you can create puzzles
  • Advanced user features that will allow you to paint ranges with a single color quickly
  • Beginner user features that will allow you to measure your progress towards the final solution.

    This program is currently postcard-ware which means that if you download and use my program, I'd appreciate it if you sent me a postcard from where you live.

    My mailing address is:
    	Evan Golub
    	Department of Computer Science
    	A.V. Williams Building
    	University of Maryland
    	College Park, MD 20742
    	United States of America

    Please do not distribute copies of the software yourself. If you would like to share it with others, direct them to this site so that they can read this information and download their own copy.

    This software is Copyright © 2000-2001 Evan Golub.

    This software comes with no warranties explicit or implied.

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